Clash of the Titans: Infor looking darn good

Clash of the Titans

Panorama-Consulting, an US-based analyst, published their “Clash-of-the-Titans”-study, comparing implementation times, results, costs etc. of the large ERP systems. This needs to be taken with a grain of salt, please. Primarily because they are simply talking about “Infor” (which “Infor”? Infor LN? Syteline? Infor COM?, Lawson?), secondly because allegedly 100% of all Infor cloud customers have more then 40% of cost savings (Muahaha. Sample size of 1 or what?), and because allegedly 30% of all larger ERP installation run in the cloud. If you would dig into detail here, these numbers would crumble away, screaming, like vampires in the sunlight.

But anyway, I really like Infor being called a “Titan”, and I like that they score pretty well in that study.

The study is here:

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