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Wo seid Ihr?This is going to be a little rant. Since more than half a year Infor has a new Enhancement-Request-System online. Various customers and consultants go there and post stuff that’s indeed a constant annoyance in many projects.

This system has an option to vote for enhancement request, signalling Infor where the shoe really pinches.

Anyone with access to Infor Support should be able to access that web based software. So this should be a pretty large number of people, people knowing Infor LN and Infor LN projects.

And what happens? Nothing. There is just a bunch of people to be seen there regularily. Urgent, important, enhancement requests for stuff that makes people shake their head in every project (like the lousy contrast in LN UI) did not get more then probably ten votes.

Guys, this is not gonna work like this. A little bit more dedication, please. A little less of “my project is finally flying, for anything else I couldn’t care less”.  Too many people thinking that way is also a reason, why some projects don’t fly. Infor needs feedback, if the software is going to get better. They don’t have a second sight, magically knowing recurring implementation issues. And pointing Infor to those issues with informal communication is just not going to work, given the size of Infor. ERS is indeed the right place to go to. So: Whoever has access, please look over these enhancement requests and throw in your two cents. It’s probably two hours of work, but it’s worth it.

And for those of you, who don’t know where to start, here are a few proposals:


3179 – Longer item description

3180 – Change customer of an order, even when positions exists

5988 – Ability to print customs invoices

5708 – Automatically actualize opening balances of the next year after provisonial close

4140 – Language as a property of orders, not only of customers

3069 – Unify subcontracting and Tasks across sfc, tp and ts

3194 – Disounts in tp contracts

2125 – Validity dates for operation rates

7382 – Enter a Ship-To/Invoice-To/Pay-To business partner no matter if it is related to the customer

7265 – Intercompany invoicing in purchase

6452 – Get rid of the nonsense design that causes enterprise planning to create BOMs

5956 – Specific conversion factors per purchase order line / receipt line

3196/3197 – Logistic business partner roles by purchase office / sales office

2678 – Safe defaults in the pegging browser

2467 – Provisioning in service

2164 – Reminder history

6981 – Different reminder texts per reminder method

7120 – Change inbound warehouse during receipt

2130 – Floor Stock adding to cost price calculation

2128 – Create RFQs from MRP even if there is no supplier

2136 – Purchase order lines with quantity zero and negative amount

2365 – Whatever works in the activity budget, should work with the element budget, too

4068 – Overdelivery from the warehouse into production

Technical stuff / UI

2917/3071/5002 – Make LN UI colors, backrounds etc. modifiable by user, or at least have a design that’s more obvious

2669/2017 – Update-Hooks and Check-Input-Hooks within a user exit script

2242 – Better configuration options for the pdf creation

4160 – More elegant way to sort descendig

6594 – Move user data / roles between systems

7364 – Send a message to all active users (LN UI)

6349 – Sort by clicking on a column header

5896 – Central administration / rollout option for personalizations

7692 – Movable and resizable modal dialogs in LN UI

7295 – Text formatting in the text editor

5148 – Wildcards witin the quickfilters

7112 – Start sessions always in a new Browser (LN UI)


So get to the system and vote!


Why are only a few people using the Enhancement Request System? You can discuss here – there’s enough space. And sign up for the Newsletter!

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