8667776873_70731b456c_o_400widthWell then, a heartly welcome to this blog bringing you news and information all around Infor and it’s ERP system Infor LN. I did run a similar blog, called “The Software formerly called Baan”, using Google’s Blogger platform, however in German only. It was getting a bit long in the tooth, and the options that I had with the Blogger platform weren’t amazingly either. So, I’m starting all over here again. But I’ll move some of the more important posts over to here, in particular those concerning software development for the LN platform.

What will be different to the old blog: Whenever it makes sense, I’ll be posting in parallel in German and in English. This will not always be the case (eg. I am scanning job offers in the LN area only for the german language region), but usually you will find the other language’s version by using the small language selector on the right.

Well, that should do for an intro. Have a seat, have a coffee. I really appreciate comments to my articles, hints to interesting stories in the field of Infor LN, tips and questions. The comment boxes below are open, if I run out of them, I’ll make new ones!

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